Ivory Caliber I

16 ¼ Linien (36,6 mm)
5.5 mm
18,000 semi-oscillations per hour (2.5 Hz)
running time
46 hours
19 rubies, 1 diamond

hour/minute/eccentric second at 6 o'clock,
second hand stop


Inspired by historic role models within the Dresden art collection, an extraordinary idea arose: the LANG & HEYNE CALIBER I featuring ivory plates and bridges.

Our watchmakers investigated the unique features of the material to combine its elegance with the precision of a LANG & HEYNE watch.

The fine structure and creamy white color of the ivory match perfectly with the finely manufactured metal work pieces. Of course, we do not wish to harm any elephants. The tusk used for the limited series of 25 watches comes from a mammoth that died more than 10,000 years ago with its tusk surviving in the Russian permafrost soil.

Swan-neck fine adjustment and regulator adjusting screw


Enamel lives. Scarcely any other material gives the dial of a fine watch such a persuasive and charming character. See the impressive result in our CHAMPLEVÈ – a special manufacture of our JOHANN model with CALIBER I.

Friedrich August

The FRIEDRICH AUGUST I model is classy and noble, with the look of a pocket watch around 1900.


Like its namesake, it concentrates on the essentials, portraying the timeless elegance of JOHANN. The bipartite dial is available with a classical white enamel dial or with a galvanic black dial in solid silver.

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