Caliber 33.2

14 ¼ Linien (33 mm)
4.4 mm
21.600 semi-oscillations per hour
running time
46 hours
19 rubies

hour and minute indication, central second


In the 14th century, ideas within the Italian and French compositional technique and music theory were developed to integrate an additional voice into an existing melody or theme: the so-called polyphony.

Today, we can see a counterpoint in our own new development: Hektor, the stylish addition to the classic LANG & HEYNE line that – like all his predecessors – offers a symphony for the senses.

The LANG & HEYNE movement 33.2 impresses with its open movement architecture – a feature that it distinctive for Hektor. The extra flat design is made possible by a self-developed eccentric balance and a flying barrel. Special parts on the balance cock allow fine adjustment and still enable the wearer to see deep into the architecture. All frame parts and driving train wheels are made of Arcap, a sophisticated non-magnetic material with a special sheen when polished. The flat and turned parts such as shafts, screws and levers are made of steel.

Hektor Werk


The Hektor is characterized by several evenly coordinated details that repeatedly visualizes the design element of the “petticoat” shape.

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