Caliber V

14 ¼ lines (33 mm)
6.25 mm
18,000 semi-oscillations per hour (2.5 Hz)
running time
min. 25 hours remontoir / total of 48 hours running time for Konrad and 33 hours for Heinrich
27 (Konrad)/ 29 (Heinrich) rubies, 1 diamond

second remontoir (intermediate winding every second),
dead-beat center seconds,
center prograde (moving forward) date indicatio,
up/down power reserve indication (Heinrich model)


The fourth movement presented by LANG & HEYNE shows another look at its ancestors. The gracile shape of the trigonal bridge is revealing:

Solid gold chamfered spokes wheels, the huge balance with the characteristic LANG & HEYNE design, the fine moustache anchor and last but not least the exciting highlight of the CALIBER V, the mechanism of the constant force. It is positioned on the escapement wheel, the last part of the wheel train, and it ensures that the balance receives the same force bit by bit. This compensates for the mainspring’s irregular force-curve and tolerances of the wheel train.

The result is a constant amplitude of the balance and enhanced accuracy during the entire running time. The complicated lever mechanism of the prograde (forward jumping) date indication is positioned under the dial and is invisible to the eyes.

Remontoir mechanism on the escapement wheel


>>currently not for sale<<
With a diameter of almost 40mm, KONRAD has been specially created to be worn on a small wrist. The date indication fits harmonically in the timeless Arabic dial.


>>currently not for sale<<
Our HEINRICH has a stately appearance, with its complex internal mechanism, giving it a restrained outer elegance.