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04/2019: More than a wrist watch or Why should I buy this watch

“Could you please tell me, what time is it?”
When answering this question, a brief look at ones mobile phone is sufficient. Each one of us has one and it shows time to the second. Within a few clicks, it is showing the latest news and one can exchange with others, too. Actually, a nice all-purpose solution.

Why buying a watch? – A watch is one of few accessories with whom especially men are able to express their personality and style. (Read more: accessory for men)

How and why deciding for a certain watch? – Please think back to your last watch purchase, why have you bought this watch, what were the reasons? Was the watch particularly appealing to you, was it because of a specific purpose or just because you like the brand or people behind it very much.
The purchase decision-making process[1] were similar: You have had a desire; you searched for information; evaluated alternatives and made a decision.
As seller, we have our turn during your information search; convincing you of a certain product. With a combination of personal appearance, following communication tips and using psychological tricks.
Maybe you have experienced this by yourself. A seller was very charming and convincing subtly, asked questions and addressed them. To feel in good hands is surely something a customer highly appreciates. You realize these are important aspects within the decision process but rather supporting.

We believe that a good product is not in need of tricks. The product – in our case the WATCH – should speak for themselves.

  • Story behind the watch
  • How is it manufactured
  • Materials used
  • Visual attraction

We could make a DOT at this point and redirect you to our philosophy.

Instead, we highlight it for you in brief:

Talented watchmakers and finishers at Lang & Heyne doing a great job: with honest craftsmanship and without restrictions during the manufacturing process fine watches are manufactured.
We encourage our customers to have a closer look with a loupe. There are so many details to examine and discover. Grindings, chamfers, polishes… It is the functional and aesthetic processing of the watch parts, which is a very time-consuming process. It is worth every minute even every hour.

In addition, an interesting article from Ariel Adam: Why Movement Screws At German Lang & Heyne Cost €100 Each

What else makes the manufacture outstanding?

It is the constant development of the company. In the past 20 years, the manufacture was built gradually, overcame sector crisis and counts currently 21 employees in an old mill located at the border of Dresden. CNC-techniques, finishers and watchmakers aiming one goal: creating the finest and precious watches for connoisseurs and watch affectionate all over the world.
Furthermore, customers have the possibility of creating THEIR own watch based on our collection: engravings, adaptions and individualizations. This is hardly to find on the market. We are able to fulfill many wishes as small manufacture with short distances and flat hierarchy.

Have a closer look at our customizations: special designs
whole collection

Of course, it is easy to review from our perspective. What are your thoughts, what pleases you most on our watches and our manufacture?

Tell us about it using the hashtag #ILike_LH

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