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06/2019: Watch winder

If you want to do something good for your watch, buy a watch winder. As doctors advise: “Exercise is healthy and keeps you fit.”, yet sometimes too much of it can also have the opposite effect, but more about that later.

A watch winder is a mechanical device on which one or more watches can be attached. Depending on the model, it simulates the wearing more or less successfully. The variations of these models range from very simple, functional designs to elegant pieces of furniture in which you can present your entire collection of watches in steady movement.
Originally, they were intended for the storage of self-winding watches. This means that the watch does not stop, and there is no need for any adjustments even if only occasionally worn. The motion of the watch causes the rotor to wind the movement permanently. This is particularly recommended for watches with calendar displays, which can be very complex to adjust after a standstill.

Professional articles sometimes write that the motion in the bearings -when the watch is running – can prevent the oil from resinification. Does it therefore make sense to leave the self-winding watch on the mover at all times, even if the watch is not regularly worn?

The term “resinification” actually refers to the oxidation and subsequent polymerization of the molecular chains of the lubricants, or in other words: the molecules become longer and the oil more viscous as a result. Particularly with fats, segregation can also occur. The oil content becomes thin and a firm, sticky crust remains. Today’s synthetic oils resinify less, but might dry at high temperatures as well.
In fact, the moving of parts delays resinification and segregation. Luckily, it is unlike an athlete that our watch has to continuously be on the “move”. It wears off as fast as we would wear it every day. Thus, the watch winder is more the friend of the service watchmaker than of our watch. It is much better to wind the watches we do not use regularly once a month. This prevents resinification AND wear. We should also avoid leaving watches with a glass bottom in the sun for a long time. Due to the greenhouse effect, high temperatures quickly develop inside, which dilute or even dry the lubricants.

If you get your hands on a watch that has been lying unattended in the cupboard for more than three years, do not let it run too long but rather bring it to a specialist soon. It is quite likely that not all lubrication points are sufficiently supplied with lubricating oil.

Our recommendation for LANG & HEYNE watches:
A regular wearing of the watch is better than any watch winder, especially since we do not yet have a watch with automatic winding within our line. Enjoy the pleasant feel of the winding mechanism and treat yourself with the gorgeous view of the beautiful movement. The moment you are occupied with your Lang & Heyne watch can become a moment of peace and relaxation for you. If you wear your watch only rarely, then the mechanics will thank you for monthly winding with a long life.

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