Albert with Diamond Case

11/2020: Albert with unique diamond case

From an end stone to a decorative stone
The diamond РIn sophisticated watches it used to be an end stone over the balance pivot. In today’s watches the balance is shock-protected. From a technical point, the diamond only little improved and as shock protection it is almost not visible, therefore it is not used as bearing stone anymore.
Within our watches it is used to crown the masterpiece above the ruby jewels – a decorative trademark and symbol of quality.

333 flawless diamonds = over 4 carat
flawless: No inclusions and no blemishes visible under 10x magnification

In cooperation with a specialist for setting and seizing of stones we are now able to offer another facet within customization.
The platinum watch case of this model Albert adorns 333 diamonds which are set on the case ring, bezel, lugs and on the crown protection.

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