01/2019: Interview for Baselworld 2019

Jens Schneider interviewed for Baselworld

01/2019: Interview for Baselworld 2019 with Jens Schneider, Development Director at LANG & HEYNE

1. Mr. Schneider, can you already share some product news to be unveiled at Baselworld 2019?

Lang & Heyne is an independent small brand, which still has to be discovered from others. We will not present groundbreaking innovations or a firework of novelties. For us showcasing a certain level of constancy is most important. Usually, watches are rarely bought on the spot. Customers consider the purchase for a long time and slowly becoming friends with “their” timepiece. That does not mean that we are resting on our achievements, but we are developing with much care and love to details.
This year we are focusing on opening our workshop to the public. One of our watchmakers will be present at this year’s Baselworld. On the workbench, he is going to demonstrate his craftsmanship and answers whatever question one may have.

2. How important is the attendance of Baselworld for your company?

For me Baselworld is an occasion, where you meet old watchmaker friends, collectors, retailers and media. To be a public fair is an advantage of the Baselworld, which we use to attract new customers to the watchmaking industry. It is often a long and arduous path from the vision to the final watch. But in the end, if we can present our unique timepieces face-to-face to watch aficionadas and create emotions – our mission is complete. As a small and independent brand, we are happy to be part of the show.

3. During the past months, Baselworld announced many new concepts and measures for the 2019 edition. What are your expectations of the show?

We hope that the new concepts emphasize the importance of Baselworld in the watch business. The stronger presence of “Les Ateliers” and emphasizing the art of watchmaking, are a first step in the right direction.

4. In your opinion, what is the significance of independent watchmaking today?

The key word is independent.
We are a small brand, based in Dresden-Radeberg, producing our timepieces with a small team of watchmakers. Eveything – from the idea over creating the movement and final assembling of the watch, marketing, distribution – all takes places in our manufactory. With an annual output of as few as 60 timepieces – we create exclusive and innovative handmade watches for watch aficionadas.

5. The industry has been undergoing rapid changes. How does Lange & Heyne as a very specialised high-end manufacture addressing collectors and aficionados cope with digitisation?

For sure the influence of internet, – websites, online boutiques, digital; social media, etc. – is huge. These platforms are important for the brand awareness, but only one component of available marketing tools.

Our watches apply to all human senses: haptic, visual and ready to try on. The internet does not provide an alternative to our approach of bringing watches closer to collectors and watch aficionadas.

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