Georg Limited Edition SHH

In collaboration with one of South-East Asia’s oldest and most respected high horology retail groups, Lang & Heyne is pleased to introduce the Georg Sincere Haute Horlogerie Edition – a special and unique 12-piece interpretation of the award-winning Lang & Heyne Georg, available only at Sincere Watch stores in Singapore and across the region.

The Lang & Heyne Georg SHH Special Edition is the first in the line to leverage a unique ceramic dial that is set against a royal blue givree-finished silvered baseplate. The watch is signed by a hand-engraved “One of 12” on the movement.

Sincere Haute Horlogerie
Where: Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Available from September 7th 2022


Ceramic dials are made possible due to their pressure-resistant and low specific density characteristics, making them a more complex and durable material than take, for example, enamel. Combining the silvered main plate with the ceramic reflects our design intention.

The main plate is givree sandblasted and coloured in royal blue using the galvanic process. To make the raw ceramic discs, they first have to be engraved and then cut out with the help of a laser. This process is a time-consuming one as the edges have to be as clean as possible. One can realize the very fine engraving of up to 0.05mm line width when up close. The dials are made to fit precisely into the base plate’s corresponding recess by having the outer contours sanded.

The edges are provided with chamfers which are then also polished, giving the dial a nice, three-dimensional look.

The ceramic’s primary material, aluminum oxide, is the same as sapphire, which explains why it can only be processed with diamond tools and diamond pastes.
The use of high-quality printing ink, known as “Berlac Print,” when laying out the engraving by hand allows various colors to be realized on the dial. The dial is then grounded and polished flat on a wooden disc to achieve a high gloss end product.

Two individual ceramic discs must be used as the second dial is lower. The disc of the second hand, which is only 0.4 mm thick, is glued in from the back with a high-strength two-component synthetic resin adhesive, while the main dial is glued into the carrier from the front.

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