Tradition and value creates art in miniature format

A LANG & HEYNE watch is more than just a timepiece, in the same way that a fine water color is more than a picture or a statue is more than just a piece of marble.

It is a statement of the owner, reflecting his style and sophistication discreetly. The crown, worn on the head in former times, nowadays decorates the wrist. There is a special fascination with the mechanics.

The watch is a miraculous miniature machine, ticking and spinning for a lifetime. No wonder the passion for collecting is aroused in so many people! The fascination grows with the knowledge of our watchmakers’ attention to details.

LANG & HEYNE stands for perfect craftsmanship.

Three elegant lugs

Unmistakable: Three elegant lugs provide a stable holding for the strap on each side of the watch. Emphasizing the vertical axis, the middle lug flatters the overall appearance of the watch and serves as a balance to the crown. Our unique, well-proportioned case is completed by the crown protection.

Silver grinding

A rediscovered and enhanced method used in the 18th and 19th century: our plates, bridges and balance cocks are provided with a unique cover known as silver grinding. We apply a special mixture to the brass movement components using a stiff-bristle brush. The result is a fine, grain-like surface which will then be plated in gold.


They are the symbol of a watchmaker’s claim to pride and quality. Our solution is to use a goat’s hair brush, domed threads and beveled as well as tin polished heads. The screws will be polished and partly flame-blued in the finest shades of violet: Our specialists manufacture only 12 to 15 screws per day.


Our hands are worth every effort – whether they are masterfully hand-engraved, like the Louis-XV, or perfectly filed and polished, like the spade, lancet or cathedral hands. The most important thing will be indicated in precision: time. The three-dimensional shaping with a diverse range of structures requires craftmanship at the highest level.


Since 2016, each LANG & HEYNE watch is made of solid gold wheels with chamfered spokes which run precisely and with the least possible friction. It turned out that the performance is much better by combining gold (wheel) and steel (pinion) than using conventional materials. Another advantage is that galvanic coating is not needed any more.

breguet balance-spring

See it breathing life: the breguet balance-spring is mathematically and precisely calculated, making every oscillation an experience. The last coil is bent into shape in a time-consuming and masterful process. It takes a trained watchmaker several hours to finish this delicate work.

gold chatons

The polished gold chatons give the ruby jewels a stunning, deep fiery appearance. They are countersunk and screwed into the bridges and balance cocks in accordance with Saxon traditions. The ultimate beauty, however, is the sparkling diamond that crowns the masterpiece. The ruby jewels are tongued and located just below. The sensitive balance pivot is thus securely protected and shock-resistant.


Enamel is used in numerous dials, showing both charm and character. They are complex to manufacture and consist of several layers – sometimes classical, structured and manufactured for the best readability.


Our moustache-anchor – precision made of solid gold. Lever escapements correct the barycenter of the anchor and assure smooth power transmission to the balance in several different positions.

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