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When Marco Lang and Mirko Heyne designed their very first watch shortly before the millennium, his was probably more of a passing phase rather than a life plan in the making. Based on their precision and attention to detail, they were often being teased an idealists. Later Marco could have never imagined that his idea would develop into a successful small business only one to two decades later.

Today, still very successful although without the founders, we can happily say: The time was on our side. The watch is always at the core of our work, with its movements and all its various individual parts. We stick to our standard of creating the best quality using handmade techniques as much as possible. The development of LANG & HEYNE as a brand was surprisingly easy and happened rather alongside. This associates us with other successful watchmakers on the so-called “independent”-scene around the world.

Watch collectors and lovers support and value this idealism. They appreciate this conviction, which is the foundation of high quality, as well as the intrinsic value of each and every watch produced by LANG & HEYNE.

Our manufacture and our collection will be presented on the following pages. Share the passion with us and above all: Do not accept anything less than the best!

a passion for watchmaking

MARCO LANG was born in 1971 as a fifth-generation watchmaker. In his early childhood he used to look over his fathers’ shoulder, who worked as head restorer in the Mathematical / Physical Cabinet (Mathematisch-Physikalischen Salon), housing a world famous collection of watches and precision instruments.

His early passion for the filigree led him first of all to learn the basics of metal working. In Glashütte he had served as an apprentice in precision mechanic for three years. Again, in this important historic town, Marco Lang was inevitably inspired by the watch-making tradition. After the German reunification Marco Lang found his way to Ihno Fleßner, a watch expert from Northern Germany, where he completed his apprenticeship as a watchmaker. During his years as an assistant, Marco particularly worked on the production of fine precision pendulum clocks. After seven instructive years, he returned to Dresden with his master certificate where he built up his own shop as a watch creator and restorer. True to the family tradition, Marco soon made his mark among German watch enthusiasts.

In the beginning of 2001 Marco Lang met the talented watchmaker apprentice Mirko Heyne. As two kindred spirits in watchmaking they teamed up and founded the manufacture LANG & HEYNE.

Just one year later LANG & HEYNE were able to present their first watch models Friedrich August and Johann at the trade fair in Basel and within one week the order book of the little workshop was packed. Even after the resignation of Mirko Heyne in summer 2002 the manufacture LANG & HEYNE still carries the name and the spirit of the two gifted watchmakers, which in the meantime became a synonym for fine watchmaking in Dresden and all over the world.

Marco continued on his way as an independent watch creator. At the end of 2003 he sold his shop in order to fully concentrate on the creation of his watches. With increasing demand for his watches, the team grew with him. Then, only four watchmakers, now highly motivated LANG & HEYNE team consisting of 15 watchmakers, CNC-engineers, finishers and engravers.

The need for more workshop space must be pleased. In 2010 the manufacture moved into an own mansion in Dresden-Bühlau. An exclusive number of timepieces leave the historically appearing workshops of the manufacture every year. All of them are made of precious materials, with a combination of extraordinary constructions and delicate engravings.

The actual company founder, Marco Lang is particularly proud of this great in-house production of noble manufacture. The production of a LANG & HEYNE timepiece requires the highest level of manual skill and knowledge of the experienced employees, starting with the construction and manufacturing of the components of the movement, hands and cases to the finishing – the aesthetic and functional processing of the raw materials. In doing so, LANG & HEYNE revives long forgotten methods and technologies such as silver grinding.

“The path between the initial design of the watch and the final product is long and exhausting sometimes. However, it`s a great pleasure for me to manage this path step by step, to create artworks on my own which live longer than me.” states Marco Lang.

Left: temperature-controlled storage of watch parts | Right: engraving tools for unique hand-engravings

Tempus arte

Since April 2013, LANG & HEYNE is part of the TEMPUS ARTE HOLDING. In addition to the Dresdner Manufaktur, it also owns the subcontracting company UHREN-WERKE-DRESDEN which was established in the same year. The UHREN-WERKE-DRESDEN was founded as a consequence of the high global demand for Saxon watch know how and of the existing watch expertise. The facility produce watch parts, mounted movements and even complete watches. Since 2018, the UWD and Lang & Heyne share the same manufactory building.

The main shareholder family Rohde (Munich) is behind this group and frames with their engagement and industry-specific knowledge the strong financial basis.

Left: Procession of kings of the House of Wettin | Right: Kronentor, part of the Dresden Zwinger
Canaletto view of Dresden
Left: Night life in Dresden Neustadt | Right: concert hall of the Semperoper Dresden

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