Enamel lives. Scarcely any other material gives the dial of a fine watch such a persuasive and charming character. See the impressive result in our CHAMPLEVÈ – a special manufacture of our JOHANN model with CALIBER I.

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technical data


Durchmesser 43,5 mm

Höhe 10,5 mm

Saphirglas & Saphirglasboden

Alligatorleder-Armband mit Haifischinnenleder

Dorn- oder Faltschließe

wasserdicht bis 3 bar


manual winding movement Caliber I

46 hour power reserve

hour and minute indication

eccentric second

second hand stop


double sunk enamel dial with translucid cobalt blue on solid silver

Roman numerals

Enamel lives. Scarcely any other material gives the dial of a fine watch such a persuasive and charming character. See the impressive result in our CHAMPLEVÈ – a special manufacture of our JOHANN model with CALIBER I.

Since its establishment, LANG & HEYNE has worked with real fired white enamel. Since 2005, the MORITZ moon and earth plates are produced in-house.

An 18th trinket box with starry sky inspired Marco Lang to design the colourful dial. The five-pointed star as secular and intercultural sign was very popular amongst the Freemasons. The five edges represent the virtues of wisdom, justice, fortitude, temperance und diligence.

FOR THE CHAMPLEVÉ TECHNIQUE, the surface is carved out to form pits in which enamel is fired, leaving the original metal exposed.
The plate at LANG & HEYNE for the blue enamel is of solid silver. 18ct rose gold for enamel in reddish colouration is also possible. Using translucent enamel provides exceptional depth and enables a view to the background where extravagant, perfectly executed hand engravings become visible.

Several processes of pickling and enameling followed by grinding flatten the whole dial. One final glaze bake seals the enamel. The deeper allocated second plate is manufactured separately and will be inserted in the main plate.

Who is the ruler behind this model? Information about the namesake JOHANN

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Caliber I

16 ¼ Linien (36,6 mm)
5.5 mm
18,000 semi-oscillations per hour (2.5 Hz)
running time
46 hours
19 rubies, 1 diamond
hour / minute / eccentric second at 6 o'clock second hand stop

Since the end of the 19th century in Saxony, the typical three-quarter plate has been built using state-of-the-art techniques for fine movement. Our CALIBER I is an honest tribute to this heritage, emphasizing typical elements not only of function, but also of beauty.
Big shining rubies, set in gleaming gold chatons, create a balanced contrast to the silver finished plate. Even the smallest of the stones, the one holding the lever anchor in place, is set in gold chatons and secured by deeply blued steel screws. The meticulous black, hand-polished chamfer finishing of the anchor bridge and the balance cock as well as the slit golden screws of the balance wheel creates charming reflections of light.

The ultimate in beauty, however, is the sparkling diamond that crowns the balance. It is majestically placed on top of the hand-engraved balance cock, in perfect with the elegant swan-neck fine adjustment. The balance spring is bent markedly upward in its last winding to ensure the smooth pulse of the shock-resistant gold screw balance wheel.

CALIBER I is equipped with a second hand stop mechanism. When the crown has been pulled out, a spring gently bends itself around the balance shaft and the second hand stops, hence permitting the watch to be set accurately to the second.

More about Caliber I

With our CHAMPLEVÉ, you can freely choose your hand types, strap color, buckle type and caliber engraving  as you wish. Each watch gets its own number that is engraved on the movement. You will receive an incomparable and unique piece of art.

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Watch strap made of alligator leather in red brown and dark brown, blue and black
Pin buckle and folding clasp matching the case
Whether masterfully hand-engraved as Louis XV or filed and polished to perfection as spade or cathedral hands - you decide! We are happy to advise you on the possible variants!
Example for engraving with plate and balance cock

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