Special designs


THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE for the watchmakers of LANG & HEYNE consists of creating and realizing their own ideas. Sometimes, friends and watch enthusiasts inspire particularly unusual watches and mechanics. These ideas are developed further and improved in cooperation with LANG & HEYNE and thus, unique pieces are created for the great pleasure of future owners. In addition to the wide knowledge of various traditional manufacturing methods, LANG & HEYNE also have the expertise of today’s making and process engineering.

Computer-based constructions, state-of-the-art CNC-technology with 1/1000 mm accuracy, but also the appropriate measurement and control technology is used to develop ideas into prototypes and eventually into complete watches.

Friedrich II Remontoir "Prototype 00"

The first time in its history, LANG & HEYNE has developed and manufactured an unique timepiece in collaboration with PHILLIPS AUCTION and long-term partner THE LAVISH ATTIC Hong Kong.
The Friedrich II Remontoir with the movement number Prototype 00 has challenged the master watchmakers of LANG & HEYNE in many ways. The traditional skills of crafting a movement have had to be rethought to achieve the given high standards LANG & HEYNE is famous for.


A hommage to the Glashutte church

As homage to the Glashutte tower clock we plan to create a limited series of 5 pieces, which houses the hand winding movement Caliber VI. The dial will be made of solid gold with the fascinating Champlevé technique. Carved in pockets will be laid out with an opaque blue color.

SEE Homage to tower clock
only available in German

AUGUSTUS I - precious memories

Special anniversaries and events combined with a MEMORY FUNCTION will be displayed mechanically for the owner. The idea and impetus of such a wristwatch-sized calculation machine is again based on one of our customers.

Planned as a special development and unique piece for the inventor, this masterpiece now enriches the LANG & HEYNE collection.


CHAMPLEVÈ - Great moments

Model variation “JOHANN - CHAMPLEVÈ” impressively demonstrate living enamel. Scarcely any other material gives the dial of a fine watch such a persuasive and charming character. Since its establishment, LANG & HEYNE has worked with real fired white enamel.

An 18th trinket box with starry sky inspired Marco Lang to design the colourful dial.


Individualized watches

In additition to special models like the AUGUSTUS and the CHAMPLEVÈ we from LANG & HEYNE also create special customized variation of each of our models. Whether extraordinary hand-engravings, stocking precious stones or changing the design… there is almost nothing that prevents us from creation your personal LANG & HEYNE watch.


We are happy to consult you personally!


Visit our collection as inspiration for your next LANG & HEYNE watch.


Left: crank mechanism for winding-up the watch | Right: ruby in crown
Left: floral engraving including monogram | Right: all plates with floral engraving

The Making OF LANG & HEYNE

Every model in our collection and every custom-made product is laborious handcrafted over months in our Dresden manufactory.

Learn more about the multitude of work steps in the production of a watch masterpiece in typical LANG & HEYNE quality.


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