Manufaktur Edition Anton

Lang & Heyne proudly presents the “Manufaktur Edition” of the Anton model, a limited collection comprising only 5 exquisite timepieces, honoring exceptional craftsmanship, innovation, and marking a pinnacle in the Anton family.


only 5 exquisite timepieces

available at the Maison Lang & Heyne Dresden


The term “flying” tourbillon gains new meaning as the lower section of the dial opens up, offering a unique perspective. Peer through the dial, past the tourbillon cage, and capture a lateral glimpse into the heart of the tourbillon. The rehaut functions as a mirror, enabling enthusiasts to scrutinize the intricate mechanics and finesse of the tourbillon. This refined design element elevates visual allure and exploration, encapsulating innovation fused with a deep reverence for horological craftsmanship.


Lang & Heyne’s tourbillon undergoes notable enhancements, showcasing constructive refinements in its construction. This “flying” one-minute tourbillon, inspired by Alfred Helwig’s design, boasts exceptional craftsmanship. Modifications include improving the shockproof spring and anchor components, aiming to enhance precision. The anchor, now comprising two bodies, enables finer adjustments, while the redesigned shockproof spring ensures easier mounting without the risk of damage. Complementing these improvements, a newly crafted steel bridge provides a sturdy platform for the tourbillon’s intricate and captivating performance, highlighting our dedication to innovation and precision in horological craftsmanship. The architecture of the movement now offers a more pleasing aesthetic, effectively illustrating the mechanical operation in a manual winding movement.


The outstanding feature of this exclusive edition lies in its fascinating dial. Precision-crafted in our facility, a black ceramic dial elegantly adorns a dark grey, givre-finished base plate. The highly polished disc made of black zirconium oxide ceramic carries laser-engraved scales and numerals lined with Berlac lacquer. Pike hands filled with HyCeram gently glide over the surface to ensure clear readability. This extraordinary composition not only exudes sophistication but also reflects our mastery in handling advanced materials. The use of ceramic, known for its pressure-resistant and low-specific density properties, significantly contributes to the scratch resistance of the dial. This technical finesse ensures a robust and detailed dial, serving as evidence of our commitment to innovation in horological craftsmanship. Inspired by the success of other editions, this unique combination exemplifies our continuous willingness to expand the boundaries of horological craftsmanship.


A distinctive element of this collection is the black onyx stone with cabochon cut, serving as a highlight in the large onion crown, emphasizing the black elegance. This artistic integration not only accentuates elegance and sophisticated style but also underscores the uniqueness and exclusivity of these exceptional timepieces.


Each of the five timepieces proudly bears the “Manufaktur Edition” engraving, along with “1/5,” emphasizing the exclusivity and highly limited nature of these Anton watches. The engraving is meticulously handcrafted on the movement, showcasing Lang & Heyne’s commitment to precision and pursuit of perfection.

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